How We Work

Focus on Green Hill Pond. We are tightly focused on the specific water quality issues that uniquely affect Green Hill Pond (GHP) and adjacent waterways.

Pursue a Project-based Approach. We pursue projects that are finite, with a clear beginning and end, but that still offer the possibility of significant sustained improvement.

Drive for Action. We use, but don’t repeat, the considerable study work that has already been done on ways to improve Green Hill Pond. Instead, we focus on the most promising ideas and mobilize projects to actually get them implemented.

Use All Volunteer Staff. We have no professional staff and no paid office space. We are all volunteers. With the exception of required expenses such as insurance and regulatory fees, all of the donations we receive go to the work.

Advance the Knowledge of Green Hill Pond. We seek to be the best resource for local homeowners regarding Green Hill Pond. Our collection currently includes all available University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, and other professionally done studies of Green Hill Pond; Rhode Island Department of Transportation bridge information; and information on what homeowners can do to improve water quality. We also connect with other organizations whose materials complement our own.