Improve Water Quality Through Greater Tidal Exchange


Increasing tidal exchange with the ocean would clearly improve the water quality of Green Hill Pond. According to one estimate, a breachway could reduce nitrogen levels by 80%. In reviewing the studies on this topic, we have found that there are two main ways to increase tidal exchange:

1. Directly connecting Green Hill Pond with the ocean by constructing an opening across Green Hill Beach. 


2. Deepen the existing channel between Green Hill Pond and Ninigret. 


Both approaches have significant challenges and, despite considerable effort, we have not found a clear solution yet. Nonetheless, improving water quality through greater tidal exchange remains an important strategy in how we might restore Green Hill Pond the fastest. So, we will continue to work the problem, talk with the experts, solicit ideas from local residents, and look to proven solutions elsewhere in the country that can be applied here in Green Hill Pond.

Research help from volunteers is always welcome!